The “STRONG” Disposable Formwork is an innovative system for forming ventilated floors, sanitary slabs and re-constructions in all types of buildings.

The connection of four modules forms small pillars (depending on the height of the module), on which the reinforced floor is supported. It is equipped with a system of connection between them by means of rebates, in the order indicated by the arrows at the top.


  • One-phase production of the concrete floor/slab and ventilation.
  • Reduction in concrete consumption.
  • It can be placed on any type of base: cleaning concrete, gravel or compacted earth, varying the pressure transmitted to the ground according to the type of base.
  • Waterproofing against humidity and cold with the consequent energy saving in heating.
  • Aeration of the floor/ground in all directions.
  • Easy extraction of radon gas from the outside of the building.
  • High resistance to concentrated and distributed loads; once concreted, it admits large overloads depending on the thickness of the compression layer.
  • Allows the passage of electrical, sanitation and heating installations, etc.
  • Less environmental impact; the material used in its manufacture is recycled plastic. 
Ventajas del encofrado


  • Ventilated floors in all types of buildings.
  • Sanitary slabs on the ground floor.
  • To carry out re-creations in all types of works.
  • In cold rooms to avoid the phenomenon of cryo-lifting.
  • In refurbishments and reforms.
  • As a floor at the bottom of swimming pools.
  • Technical vacuums.
  • In urbanisation works.
  • Sidewalk and platform areas.
Aplicaciones encofrado perdido


Perimeter profile

It is a polypropylene sheet 2.00 metres long and variable in height depending on the “STRONG” lost formwork to be used. The CE marking on construction products, according to Directive 89/106/EEC is a sign found on certain products, indicating that they meet the requirements of the European Directive on safety. Ventilated sanitary flooring is not included in the list of mandatory materials required for certification according to Directive 89/106/EEC.

Complemento perfil perimetral


It is a piece made of expanded polystyrene and with an adequate density to resist pressure when pouring concrete.

  • It serves as a partition for the different heights, to prevent the spillage of concrete through the module’s cavity.
  • It has a 7 cm strip that is placed under the module pillars, and the upper part is fixed to the module, perforating both and joining them with wire or flanges, thus providing greater stability.
  • It serves as internal formwork for beams and straps, thus allowing the simultaneous concreting of the “STRONG” compression layer and beams, straps or footings.
  • It has an arc shape, a length of 50 cm, and variable height depending on the “STRONG” module to be used.
  • It is used as a closure for the “STRONG” formwork, and avoids cutting the formwork at the ends against vertical walls (partitions or walls, footings, braces and beams), and the length can vary from 0 to 50 cm, as the piece is adjusted through the “STRONG” module cavity.
  • It allows the simultaneous concreting of slabs and beams, footings or braces.
Complemento prolongacion


The sanitary floor or slab made with STRONG lost formwork is an effective, fast and economical remedy that allows the dispersion of dangerous radon gas and humidity into the atmosphere, all to the benefit of our health.

The air cavity formed by the STRONG lost formwork must be connected to the outside by means of PVC pipes, in order to create a natural air flow that passes through the cavity and eliminates both humidity and radon gas.

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