Quality Policy

ALDACO 2002, S.L. in its activity of “CONSTRUCTION, CIVIL WORKS, INDUSTRIAL SAFETY EQUIPMENT AND HARDWARE SUPPLY” has as main objective to assume the commitment to achieve the satisfaction of its customers, through the provision of services that meet, and even exceed the expectations that they have placed in our Company.

ALDACO 2002, S.L. understands QUALITY not only as CUSTOMER SATISFACTION, but also as CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT, as this concept means a better QUALITY OF LIFE.

In order to develop and put into practice this global concept of QUALITY, the Company’s Management has decided to implement and keep operating a Quality Management System that meets the requirements of the ISO 9001:2.015 Standard. previous, Aldaco 2002, SL assumes the following principles of action:


chieve the satisfaction of our customers by providing added value to our services.


et this policy clear and understood in the organization.


eliver the organization with the needed resources for the provision of our service


bide all the legal and business requirements and constantly improve the efficiency of our system.


ontribute with specific solutions to the issues of our customers.


btain the continuous improvement in our processes and in the provision of our services with the goal of increasing the satisfaction of the customer through the analysis and periodical audits.

This Quality Policy will be reviewed for its continuous adaptation to the purposes of the organization and will serve as a reference framework to establish and review the Quality Objectives. It is also available to the public and interested parties on request.

Date: 06/2019
David González Galán